Go Campaign

Client: Rogue Valley Transportation District (RVTD)

Goal: To increase the perceived value of a robust, modern public transportation system among residents of Jackson County leading to the passing of a tax levy.

Campaign: We developed a public awareness campaign telling the stories of RVTD customers and how RVTD effects their lives to appeal to voters and raise the general perception of RVTD’s value in the community’s livability.

RVTD Community Benefits Report
RVTD Print Ads

We recommended a more factual approach to appeal directly to the minds of voters who may never ride the bus. Utilizing the combined credibility of community leaders and statistics, we showed voters and community partners the benefit they receive by supporting their local transit system even though they may never be riders of the bus.

RVTD Go WorkRVTD Go GreenRVTD Go Learn
RVTD Billboard
“Some times it takes an outside voice to break down what you do into simple words. We needed help. Rick and his team listened to our ideas and asked a lot of questions. They are a fun, upbeat group that works awful hard to create brilliant and creative messages that resonate with the community, and with you.“
— Paige West · Planning & Strategic Programs Manager, RogueValley Transportation District

We were able to engage officials, stakeholders, and community with a colorful visual campaign that used frequent, short messages to educate people regarding the benefits of having a public transportation system. Showing how the different ways people on the bus ‘Go’ can benefit the community, led to a connection with nonriders. All the RVTD materials and signage reflected the same colorful design reinforcing the positive message and reaching other audiences.

The tax levy passed easily, and more routes continue to be added.