Client: Nissan Chemical America Corporation

Goal: Create a brand name for a new product line with the expectation that there will be a family of products under this umbrella. It should reflect a healthy balance of its function and the technology it is based on and should sound like it has strong technology behind it. The logo needs to bring out the “energy” of the brand name.

nanoActiv® Brand Campaign

nanoActiv® Brand Guidlines
nanoActiv® Brand Guidlines

Campaign: The brand: nanoActiv® was developed to reflect the following:

nano – establishes the nature of the product and its scale, and is purposefully typeset in lowercase letters to represent the scale of the product.

Activ – represents the effective action of the product, describing the Brownian motion benefit of the product in application. The ‘e’ was dropped to make the combination more unique and shorter.

oA – the intersection of the ‘o’ and ‘A’ represents both the direct interaction of the nanoparticles in the product with treated surfaces, and the wedge action of those nanoparticles and they drive under hydrocarbons.

Six dots – represent nanoparticles aligning to form a wedge, directly describing the manner in which the particles work to facilitate the release of hydrocarbons. They also represent the core structure of a silica tetrahedron from which the product is derived.

nanoActiv® HRT Print Ads
nanoActiv® Golf Bag
“Customers and prospects alike continually compliment Nissan about the sophistication of the nanoActiv® marketing and advertising campaign put together by Paper & String. Thank you for being an integral part of our team. We couldn’t do it without you.“
— William L. Smith · President, Nissan Chemical America Corporation
nanoActiv Booth
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Subsequent products have unlimited potential use with additional descriptors, such as: nanoActiv® HRT

The logo was used in all materials, along with an industrial color palette, to present to clients, distributors, and internal audiences. nanoActiv® is now one of the hottest new products in the oil and gas industry.