Message from Your Heart Campaign

Client: Asante

Goal: Increase demographic that is aware of the excellent heart program at Rogue Valley Medical Center (RVMC, now Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center) in Medford.

Campaign: We determined to capture the emotions of the audience with a signature song and compelling visuals to portray the personal benefits of heart care received at RVMC.

Forming the foundation of the campaign were the beliefs that the heart is known as something we listen to when fulfilling our hopes and dreams, that our heart “tells” us things, and that we are often told to follow our heart when choosing what is best for us.

We determined the song “Message from Your Heart” by Kina Grannis was a great fit. As the campaign debuted, we let people know they could access the entire song through iTunes and CDs were handed out at RVMC during a public event — causing an upswing in the popularity of the music.

Asante Print Ads
RVMC Billboard

We used beautiful images of real people, who have a relationship to the heart program at RVMC, enjoying life throughout the service area. The song lyrics moved the viewer from one positive image to another while making an emotional connection to the benefits of the excellent heart care at RVMC. Images of high-tech heart care at RVMC and cardiologists and surgeons in action were coupled with voiceover reinforcing the message of the importance of choosing the “best, most experienced” care that, in our region, is only provided at RVMC.

This message, the song, and these images led to the connection for the people in this area that the best heart care is found at RVMC.

Asante Print Ads
“Asante has a 20-year history of working with Paper & String. They are an outstanding partner in every aspect of their business. They are creative, responsive, and proactive in responding to the changing demands of our industry. And, best of all, we have this high level of expertise and experience available from a company located right here in Southern Oregon.“
— Roy Vinyard · Former President and CEO, Asante