It had to happen. There had to be a way to take home a little piece of artisanal New York in a handy package. Voila, the GoodHoodGoods line of neighborhood gift buckets (brought to market with a little help from yours truly). Each GHG bucket represents a different neighborhood and includes gems from local makers like Baggu, Chocolat Moderne, and the Good Home Company.

Buckets are on sale at the Milford Hotel in Midtown and can be ordered online right here.

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08:41AM on 08/23/2013

Fourth of July may have passed, but the summer celebrations continue with Bastille Day Festival on July 14th on 60th Street! You can experience the best of French culture by feasting on crepes and eclairs, drinking wine, watching can-can dancers and live accordion music, and getting creative with art projects for kids.

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11:00AM on 07/13/2013

Decorating your new apartment is the most exciting part of moving, until you realize just how overwhelming it really is. So before you break down and buy everything from Ikea, go to Georges-Andre Vintage Cafe and grab a seat and a latte and a new desk lamp.

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11:00AM on 07/08/2013

Our 4th of July gift to you: the most American bar ever, The Shop. This motorcycle shop/bar/concert venue/barbecue joint is reopening this summer in its new Bushwick location, so get ready to party in the U.S.A.

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11:10AM on 07/04/2013

This brand new rooftop beer and wine bar is the perfect summer hangout spot, rain or shine: you can lounge in the sun or play ping pong and board games beneath an all-weather tent strewn with paper lanterns and Christmas lights. Hungry? Order a plate of Barbecue Cornish Hen or Ribs with cornbread, coleslaw, and bean salad ($15).

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11:00AM on 07/01/2013

The beaches of New York are only one element to this city's diverse and surprising environment. Between the concrete jungle and the sand lie beautiful forests, salt marshes, ponds, and bays where native birds, reptiles, small mammals, and the largest horseshoe crab population reside. Make a day trip out of exploring your own natural habitat!

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11:00AM on 06/28/2013

Thanks to Saturdays Surf Co, the first step is easy. Saturdays has transplanted the California surf shop seamlessly into the city, with the help of an in-store espresso bar to get you prepared for your adventure. Here you can find all your necessary beach accessories: swim trunks, towel, hat, sunglasses, surfboard, and even sunscreen. Pack up and head out.

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07:09PM on 06/24/2013

East Harbor Seafood Palace is not only a go-to spot for dim sum, it's also an all around scrumptious Cantonese restaurant. Along with the traditional Char Siu Bao (steamed pork dumplings) and other classics, you'll see a large variety of small plates passing you by, including eggplant stuffed with shrimp (pictured) and pepper spare ribs, so dive right in and start pointing at whatever looks good.

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11:00AM on 06/11/2013

Talk about the ultimate date spot: this Ditmas Park bar not only has craft beers and an ivy-lined backyard, it also has a flower shop where you can make your date swoon with exotic blossoms sold by the stem. Come check out one of the live music events or American whiskey tastings, or bring some food to grill on their backyard barbecue. Whatever you do, don't forget to bring home some fresh flowers to brighten up your apartment.

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11:00AM on 07/11/2013

Summer cocktail pick: Death & Co.'s the Head Spin, made with Tequila Cabeza Blanco, Santa Teresa Rhum Orange, House-made Kumquat Cordial, fresh orange juice, fresh lime juice, and vanilla syrup ($14). The kumquats are the secret ingredient: these mini-oranges are super sour but delightfully tasty and really add that je-ne-sais-quoi element.

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11:00AM on 07/07/2013

Forgtmenot is a surf-shack-esque eatery makes you feel like you just vacationed, especially with the random souvenirs and postcards decorating the walls. You’ll feel refreshed and glad to be back home here; try the Watermelon Salad with feta and mint ($9) or the Mixed Grill, a platter of grilled shrimp, haloumi, steak, and chicken served with lemon wedges and a basket of grilled bread ($16).

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11:00AM on 07/03/2013

Architects are rethinking the median down Park Avenue. Why not a High Line-esque public park that would offer pedestrians a space to actually use, rather than impatiently pass through? One proposal depicts a promenade stretching all the way from 14th Street to 125th Street, bringing yet another green space to the Upper East Side.

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11:00AM on 06/30/2013

Alder always offers a seasonal version of aPimm’s cup, the popular British summer cocktail. The Hey Rube is made with Pimm's liquer, gin, and rhubarb, one of summer's most intriguing fruits. The tart fruit is a delightfully bright complement to the gin and citrus-y, spicy Pimm's.

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06:01PM on 06/26/2013

This Father's Day, get dad what he really wants: a few brewskies or "Sweet Poppa" cocktails (with rye whisky, blended scotch, maple syrup, and citrus juice) and free chicken & waffles.

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11:00AM on 06/14/2013

If you're really feeling brave, or possibly just stupid, then this summer fun event is for you: a canoe race in the Gowanus Canal. The Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club is holding the race on June 15th with a planned 2.5 mile loop from their boathouse. And don't worry, you don't need a canoe, just a man-powered water vehicle, so get creative and start collecting wood scraps from abandoned lots now. Or just come watch to see what happens when someone falls in.

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11:00AM on 06/10/2013

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the Rockaway community has stood strong, and Bungalow Bar & Restaurant is happily reopened and serving delicious food and drinks. The seaside restaurant has an incredible view of Jamaica Bay, a beautiful background for their live shows on Friday nights. After a long day in the sun, rejuvenate with a hearty Bungalow Burger served on an English muffin ($9) or the Chicken BLT on a baguette with chipotle mayo and pickles ($12), both served with their famous garlic fries.

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11:00AM on 07/09/2013

Our Blind Barber pick: the Strawberry Fields, made with Reyka Vodka, lemon juice, honey, strawberries, and parsley ($12).

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11:00AM on 07/05/2013

Cisco Garcia recently opened Evergreen Ice Cream Parlor, Bushwick's first ice cream shop, in what used to be his dad's corner store. Now, still featuring the original signage, the shop is an emblem of gentrification done right: a new neighborhood business that sells local--the ice cream is made by two of our favorite New York ice creameries, Phinn & Phebes and Jane's--and doesn't price out the locals.

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12:00AM on 07/02/2013

The Upper East Side is starting to turn heads among the craft beer crowd, in a big part due to the brand new Third Avenue Ale House. This bar/restaurant serves a rotating menu of craft beers from your favorites to ones you’ve never heard of before. And, as an added bonus, the food is more five-star than gut bomb—try the perfectly cooked Lamb Burger served on an English muffin topped with tzatziki with a side of sweet potato fries, all for $8.95.

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11:00AM on 06/29/2013

Eat some local East Coast oysters, sip on a Nice and Stormy made wtih Blackwell Rum, lime, ginger beer, and fresh ginger ($13) or a Spicy Pineapple, Bols Genever, fresh pineapple, spicy syrup ($13), and while the heat away with a free show.

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11:00AM on 06/25/2013

Cornrbead, Chorizo Caramel, Blueberry Buttermilk--these are just a few of the flavors Chef Sam Mason, former wd-50 pastry chef, has come up with to serve at the brand spanking new Williamsburg ice cream parlor, OddFellows.

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11:00AM on 06/12/2013

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