It had to happen. There had to be a way to take home a little piece of artisanal New York in a handy package. Voila, the GoodHoodGoods line of neighborhood gift buckets (brought to market with a little help from yours truly). Each GHG bucket represents a different neighborhood and includes gems from local makers like Baggu, Chocolat Moderne, and the Good Home Company.

Buckets are on sale at the Milford Hotel in Midtown and can be ordered online right here.

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08:41AM on 08/23/2013

Jeremy’s Ale House is another one of the lucky few that was only partially submerged. Jeremy's even managed to preserve its ceiling and walls, which are decorated with a) bras of all sizes and colors and b) assorted Sharpie graffiti.
I don't know about you, but I find the average 32-ounce beer goes down better with a selection from a full menu of greasy deep-fried seafood. More than a few of the after-work crowd agree with me: by early evening, Jeremy’s is a rowdy pub full of young professionals and old sea-faring (I like to imagine) men.
Be sure to look for my contribution to the legendary bra collection.

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11:00AM on 11/22/2012

Made Fresh Daily was and still is a breath of fresh air in the South Street Seaport. Owner Jackie Goewey oversees a kitchen brimming with fresh and organic ingredients, and I never get tired of the menu, which riffs on staples like curried chicken, biscuits, and chili. And the sandwiches are outstanding. Try, for example, the BLT egg sandwich: farmhouse scrambled eggs, peppered bacon, roasted cherry tomatoes, and arugula mayo on a croissant ($8.50).
Despite thigh-high flood waters in their main seating area (which is raised and was less damaged than the restaurant's ground-level entrance), the bright café is still a laptop-toter’s refuge amid the struggling streets just outside. Trust me: hiding out here for a bit with a cup of coffee and a Balthazar croissant will revive anyone's optimism.

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11:28AM on 11/20/2012

Killarney Rose can be your second home—it’s one of those Irish pubs where you go for the $4 pints all weekend and $6 half-yards of beer, and stay for the friendly neighborhood-bar vibe. The food is your standard, dependable bar food. Recommended are the dozen sliders ($14.95)—a great deal for a big group, or the Hot Wings with bleu cheese ($7.95) if you’re on your own. There’s no better place in lower Manhattan to be a regular.

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02:00PM on 11/14/2012

I find myself in the unenviable position of shopping for with a tween daughter. Shopping requests are occurring more frequently, and the process increasingly involves heated use of brand names and more than a little negotiation.

I am dreading the onset of school dances and bar/bat mitzvahs--fancy dresses up the stakes (and the price tag). Daughter & I will be shopping at Berkley Girl, where we had a pleasant excursion this weekend. The store has a cheery but low-key vibe and a sensibly edited selection of party dresses. Fingers crossed...

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04:18PM on 11/11/2012

What are they thinking? In Chelsea Market? Turns out the good folks at Chelsea Market Baskets had equal opportunity insult cards: the one pictured and "Republicans Have Bad Hair." And of course, givent the locale, the Republican cards sold out. These are the leftovers, and they are selling for $1 or for free with a purchase of Obama mints. Only in New York, kids....

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11:15AM on 11/09/2012

Welcome back, West Village!

Eleventh Street Cafe, L'Amant, Le Du's Wines, Lori McLean's, Spasso, Teich.

Welcome back, Greenwich Village!

Broadway Panhandler, Murray's, Utility Canvas.

Welcome back, Union Square/Flatiron!

Alison Eighteen, Bottlerocket, Corkbuzz, Eataly, Paragon

Welcome back, East Village!

Anna, DQM, Edi & the Wolf, Pas de Deux, Patricia Field

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02:39PM on 11/03/2012

We’re all thankful that we survived the worst of the storm, but that doesn’t mean we can’t curse its inconvenience. It’s time to start catching up on work, even if you can’t make it to the office. Not to fear—Vineapple is open and ready for business, and they want to help you do the same. Vineapple is a cozy cafe with plenty of seating (it feels like you're in your friend's livingroom) and free wifi, as well as Stumptown coffee and local pastries from Colson Patisserie to help get you in the time-to-be-productive zone.

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09:00AM on 11/02/2012

Meade's outdoor chalkboard announces the bar's high spirits with the message “Keepin’ the Dream Alive!” The vibe inside echoes this optimism, with the regulars glad to be drinking and the bartender glad to be working. Meade's is currently cash only due to the disappearance of the cash register, which the bartender—headlamp around her neck—speculates is floating in the ocean somewhere near Jamaica.

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11:00AM on 11/21/2012

Poseidon Bakery is an authentic Greek bakery in Midtown West, and worth a visit. I recommend the baklava-alternative Kataif ($3.50) The finely chopped almond and walnut filling is wrapped in shredded, golden, homemade phyllo dough. Though the filling isn’t overly sweet, the whole thing is soaked in a sugary, sticky, honey-based syrup, making for a delicious (and thirst-inducing) treat.

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02:00PM on 11/17/2012

Nook is a cozy little restaurant with red walls and the ultimate lunch special: a cup of soup and half sandwich with either rosemary fries or salad. For $8. I ordered the Coppa Sandwich with the salad (an ample pile of mixed greens tossed in vinaigrette). The sandwhich was delicious, but the soup—the soup. Tomato soup is not tomato soup is not tomato soup. This soup was creamy but not heavy, tomato-y but not too acidic, with handmade spaetzle-style pasta and diced carrots and celery. Heavenly.

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11:00AM on 11/14/2012

Grits are often maligned for their blandness. It's a bit unfair--they are a nice blank canvas after all for all sorts of flavors.

Cue Daisy's Grits, a booth in the Bryant Park pop-up shops. Daisy's is awfully cute, but the menu is pretty sophisticated: lobster grits ($6.45 for a small), goat cheese grits ($4.95, small) and honey & butter grits ($4.45, small) make a tasty snack after a strenuous hour of ice skating at Bryant Park.

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03:52PM on 11/09/2012

Here is our (admittedly incomplete) list of Chelsea reopenings:

Appellation Wine & Spirits

Atlantic Theater Company

Billy's Bakery

Blue Bottle Coffee (3-7p today)

Cafe Grumpy

Chelsea Market (normal business hours Monday)



Doughnut Plant


Nasty Pig

Organic Avenue

Sugar Cookies

Three Tarts

Tipsy Parson


Opening Monday:

Haven's Kitchen


Opening Tuesday:

Bistro La Promenade

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02:28PM on 11/03/2012

Despite its name, BAM is not just about music. It also hosts a number of literary events, including Unbound, a new program launched with the Greenlight Bookstore. Get tickets for the Gary Shteyngart Roast on November 20th at 7 p.m. ($20) for a night of literary hilarity. 

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04:00PM on 11/01/2012

Thistle & Clover is a Brooklyn girl’s dream store, and by that I mean it’s where to find your coffee-shop-going, laptop-toting outfit. The vibe is casual, everyday wear, yet it’s anything but commonplace with clothing, jewelry, and accessories from up-and-coming designers. Picture earth-tones and shirtdresses: comfortable, classic, and quality. The Amanda Uprichard Panama Tulip Skirt ($202.40, pictured) is the perfect example of that, with its flattering, draped silhouette and quiet pattern.

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02:00PM on 11/20/2012

O.N.A. is one of those boutiques that I can’t help but go into every time I walk by. And not just to look—their affordable prices mean I have to practice extra self-control to stop myself from buying everything in sight. They have a great selection of Cheap Monday, Seychelles, and Baggu, as well as local designers like Nina Z.’s Swedish clogs. I could easily get my whole fall wardrobe here.

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02:00PM on 11/16/2012

...but a chocolate mustache is always in style.

At Chocolate Bar in the West Village. 

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07:00PM on 11/11/2012

One of my favorite bookstores, the Powerhouse Arena, suffered extensive damages due to Sandy. Visit the store to get some of your Christmas presents early, and attend their Sandy Hates Books Fundraiser on Saturday, November 17th, from 12-8 p.m.

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11:36AM on 11/09/2012

If you are in or near Park Slope or Soho, drop your donations for the Rockaways at either Bicycle Habitat location.  Most needed:

  • Warm winter clothing (hats, sweaters, scarves)
  • Work gloves, flashlights, batteries
  • Non-perishable foods
  • Moist towlettes, baby wipes
  • Cleaning products

Bicycle Habitat is at 244 Lafayette Street in Soho and 476 Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn.

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11:02AM on 11/05/2012

Being cooped up at home is making me stir-crazy. Tazza is the perfect Brooklyn Heights getaway to just relax (leave your cell and your computer at home) and think positive storm recovery thoughts. Bring a friend or a book and cozy up over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. If you get hungry, Tazza serves an assortment of French and Italian sandwiches, like the roasted pear, prosciutto, parmesan, and balsamic glaze on Ciabbata ($8.95) and the Genoa salami, goat cheese, arugula pressed on pizza bianco ($8.25).

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01:00PM on 11/02/2012

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