It had to happen. There had to be a way to take home a little piece of artisanal New York in a handy package. Voila, the GoodHoodGoods line of neighborhood gift buckets (brought to market with a little help from yours truly). Each GHG bucket represents a different neighborhood and includes gems from local makers like Baggu, Chocolat Moderne, and the Good Home Company.

Buckets are on sale at the Milford Hotel in Midtown and can be ordered online right here.

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08:41AM on 08/23/2013

Bari may very well be the next fitness craze. A sort of Pilates-cum-aerobics involving trampolines and a barre, and 32 push-ups in every class. The Bari Studio guarantees toning, slimming, and feeling awesome, which is a pretty sweet package for $35 per class.

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11:00AM on 01/12/2013

Here's a reason to keep the volume turned up next time you're in the back of a cab: from now through February 5th, catch a 30-second clip of artist Ryan McGinley's film for the Icelandic band Sigur Ros. It'll block out the honking and remind you of the magic of New York City.

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04:57PM on 01/10/2013

We are loving these industrial benches, especially for people who like to stand up while working (great for the back, kids!). The size is significant but the prices are beyond fair, ususally between $400-$500. 

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12:09PM on 01/09/2013

It's easy to walk by this inauspicious storefront, but DON'T! This shop, which is curated by two women who've traveled the world for years and know their stuff, has some excellent, well-priced and unusual pieces from Morocco and Turkey. Bonus: If you like a piece but can't decide, KEA allows you to take it home to live with it for a few days. 

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04:00PM on 01/08/2013

They call it matzoh, but it's more like a flatbread sprinkled with salt, pepper and some shaved cheese. A beautiful way to start the day, a lovely snack, or a great base for a spread. $2 per disc. Baked fresh every day.

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02:20PM on 01/08/2013

Warby Parker has a Meatpacking Pop Up through Feb 28. Stop by to try on frames or get a pair of winter sunglasses for $95 (!) -- essential to cutting glare and cutting a fine figure. Bauble Bar will be showing some of its wares on Jan 14-20 and Winter Session will follow, Jan 21-27.

819 Washington St., betweeen Gansvoort and Little West 12th

Mon-Sat, 11-7; Sun 12-6. 


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02:05PM on 01/08/2013

Ellen’s Stardust Diner is a fifties-themed restaurant that serves up delicious diner food plus Broadway-status entertainment. Why would any self-respecting New Yorker find themselves in such a setting? The food, of course.

My picks:
1. Classic diner breakfast: the New Yorker omelet (with smoked salmon, onions, and tomatoes, $11.95)
2. Lunch or dinner: the Mighty Mo burger (two burger patties with lettuce, tomato, American cheese, and their special 1953 secret sauce, $18.95)

I manage to order without a trace of irony, so you can too.

Oh, yeah. Don't miss the top-notch milkshakes.

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11:00AM on 12/01/2012

Chocolate lovers rejoice...Taste Buds Kitchen is offering a free cooking class next week, and they're making Brownie Bites! Sign up now and check out the schedule of classes for kids as well as adults.

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03:00PM on 01/11/2013

While we're keeping our fingers crossed that this warm weather holds, let's also take the opportunity to appreciate some outdoor activities, like ice skating! If you haven't gone yet this season, now might be the perfect time, before it gets miserably cold. And you are still allowed to have hot choclate afterward.

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11:00AM on 01/10/2013

This Heavy Cruiser waxed cotton jacket has four flannel pockets, studly detailing (a great tag on the back) and tight, fleece lined wrist cuffs. Paired with a gray wool sweater underneath, it’s a real weather beater. Jacket $590; Sweater (not shown) $395.

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06:46PM on 01/08/2013

Anything Brooklyn is on fire, right? The Brooklyn Diner is no exception—a Midtown favorite for all meals, all day long. It’s bustling with tourists, locals, and celebrities—including regulars Adam Sandler, Jerry Seinfeld, and Paul McCartney—and everyone’s treated like family. Another local celebrity at this diner: their famous fifteen-inch hot dog, served with juniper sauerkraut, frizzled onion rings, and a brioche bun.

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02:40PM on 01/08/2013

The cupcakes at Cupcake Cafe are so pretty, it's reason enough to get one to go with your coffee. They also sell cupcakes by the dozen for your party needs. The best part about the Cupcake Café though is the atmosphere: it’s like someone uprooted the café from Brooklyn and stuck it in Midtown. A communal table made from what looks like a misplaced slab of marble sits near the window under colorful paper lanterns, and next to it is what looks like your grandma’s antique credenza. Yep, new favorite spot in Midtown.

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02:20PM on 01/08/2013

We are a small team looking to share our cheerful, happy, light filled office in MEATPACKING with another small team of 3 or 4 people. Private BR and kitchen, close to Chelsea Mkt, High Line and subways, 24/7 access. Email for more info:

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10:53AM on 12/06/2012

The cleanup efforts at the Cowgirl Sea-Horse have paid off, impressively. For now only the bar is open (and it’s cash only), but I have faith that the Cowgirl crew will get the kitchen running soon. I would not let the liquid menu deter you from a visit: the Cowgirl Sea-Horse is such a cozy bar, it almost doesn’t need to serve food. Besides, the bartenders were nice enough to supply the customers with peanuts, and with strong drinks and plenty of seating, everyone was having a good time.

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11:00AM on 11/23/2012

You can never have enough shoes. Especially comfortable, stylish, Italian handmade shoes like the ones at Galo Shoes. And if you're still not convinced, check out their New Years Sale for up to 50% off!

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02:00PM on 01/11/2013

Is one of your New Years Resolutions to try something new? How about a Spicty Tuna and Guacamole Roll or Mexican Miso Soup? Try both at one of the best new restaurants of 2012: Taka Taka in Soho!

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01:05PM on 01/09/2013

Owner Kevin Brynan told Racked that running an independent store in the city became "impossible." He adds, "With the closing of St. Vincent's two years ago (the largest employer in the West Village), this incredible recession, and tenants being responsible for real estate taxes, I was just forced out. It is quite clear the current city administration prefers chain stores over the 'mom and pops' with their tax abatements." The only good news on this front is that Mxy's Jersey City store will remain open

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04:30PM on 01/08/2013

Rethink the rice-and-meat street cart combo—this time with rice as the star.

Rice pilaf at Rice the Great is made with rice, garbanzo beans, carrots, onions, raisins, craisins, and spices. You can choose a small pilaf platter ($3) or a large ($6), which comes with rice and your choice of flavorful dark meat chicken or brisket-style beef plus salad and sauces—a tomato-y red sauce and yogurt-and-herb-y white sauce. 

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02:36PM on 01/08/2013

...But we think it sounds pretty damn good: Maine lobsta plus velvety melted gruyere cheese on two toasted slices of organic white bread. Top it off with a squash soup and wash it down with Shipwreck Ale and you'll have a fine, fine lunch.

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02:16PM on 01/08/2013

Want: everything from the Regeneration collab with artist Dylan Egon. Need: this fabulous "Finis Temporis Trunk." The exhibition opens this Saturday, December 1st from 6-10 p.m. and includes this and many more equally stunning pieces.

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12:00PM on 12/04/2012

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