It had to happen. There had to be a way to take home a little piece of artisanal New York in a handy package. Voila, the GoodHoodGoods line of neighborhood gift buckets (brought to market with a little help from yours truly). Each GHG bucket represents a different neighborhood and includes gems from local makers like Baggu, Chocolat Moderne, and the Good Home Company.

Buckets are on sale at the Milford Hotel in Midtown and can be ordered online right here.

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08:41AM on 08/23/2013
The best way to describe the 4th Street Food Co-op is: eco-friendly super organic community. It doesn't get any closer to the farm than this, unless you manage to plant a garden on your apartment building's roof.
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05:55AM on 12/23/2010
Love organic grapes? Appellation Wines and Spirits specializes in the fermented version, particularly vintages that are grown "bio-dynamically." Try NV Fleury Champagne Carte Rouge for $40.99/bottle.
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11:03AM on 12/22/2010
Another great gift idea from Moss: the "come 'ere" Hand Hook by Harry Allen! Pick it up and start making unruly demands in your place of residence. Or just, you know, mount it and hang a coat from it.
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06:05AM on 12/22/2010
For the more refined palate, Ed's Lobster Bar is serving their Truffle Lobster roll for the last time this truffle season! The roll costs $50 and is made with three white Alba truffles. Available beginning at 5pm tonight.
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11:07AM on 12/21/2010
Bernardo Bertolucci's highly acclaimed film The Conformist will be shown by Film Forum through Thurs, Dec 23. Titled Il Conformista in the original Italian, his superb direction depicts the restrictions that Fascism imposed on the lives of Italians in the 1930s. Click here for showtimes and more details.
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06:50AM on 12/21/2010
Alexis Bittar's jewelry serves as the perfect present for the fashion savant in your life. Order his daring and artistic pieces online before 10am on Thursday, December 23, 2010 and receive free overnight shipping, guaranteed to be there for Christmas. Select UPS Next Day Air Saver during checkout.
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11:14AM on 12/20/2010
Want to give your friends & family an eco-friendly Christmas gift, like this beautiful bamboo iPhone case ($40)? Order before midnight tonight, choose 3-day rush shipping, and it'll come by Dec 24th.
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07:31AM on 12/20/2010
For delicate yet strong espresso, visit Abrao in the East Village for a post holiday kick. Don't forget to try the home-made olive cake!
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05:25AM on 12/23/2010
Shell-shock that hangover into submission by dipping into the icy waters off Coney Island! This hallowed Brooklyn tradition has been taking place for over 100 years.
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06:50AM on 12/22/2010
One of Chelsea's finest bookstores has compiled a super-smart gift guide for the holidays, dividing them into relative-specific categories: for mom, for bro, for sis. We must say, though, Ian Frazier's Travels in Siberia is not just for dad; it's too good to only be read by older men.
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05:55AM on 12/22/2010
Forget the Christmas goose and head to Char No. 4 on Christmas Eve for Berkshire pig! For just $28, receive a trio of succulent and savory pork entrées, complete with sides. Add a homemade bourbon egg nog to really get the celebration started.
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08:48AM on 12/21/2010
Malcah Zeldis, a self-taught artist living in Tribeca, has a Paper&String exclusive offer: all of her colorful 9 x 12 paintings are discounted 35% to $420 (reg. $650). Click here to see a slideshow of her other works for sale.
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06:33AM on 12/21/2010
Anthony Falco and Angelo Womack of Roberta's pizza fame will be sharing their knowledge of how to make wood-fired oven pizza at Best Pizza on January 24, 2011 at 7pm. The 3-hour class costs $125 per person and is a must for any pizza enthusiast.
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09:58AM on 12/20/2010
Last day to redeem! 10% off Saxelby's stellar Cheese of the Month program, which delivers three 1/2-pound wedges of cheese to your doorstep every 30 days. Just enter code "cheesehead" at check-out to score the deal.
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07:16AM on 12/20/2010
Learn how your sausage, ground beef, and pork gets made at a class taught by these experts. Starts Jan. 12 at 3pm, recurs every Wednesday at the same time. Call for reservations before 10am the day of the class.
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11:30AM on 12/22/2010
Whether you're an aspiring DJ, seasoned MC or collector, A-1 Records will cut you a deal on all the best "black crack" (what true turntablers call vinyl). You can even give the records a spin yourself with their in-store Technics.
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06:13AM on 12/22/2010
For the zoology expert and the regular bar-hopper alike, take a trip to Home Sweet Home. Enjoy a cocktail amidst fine examples of taxidermy while listening to an ever-changing assemblage of indie rock, hipster dance tunes, and 80s and 90s throwback.
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12:30PM on 12/21/2010
Returning for its fifth season, the Nutcracker: Rated R is a delightfully kinky twist of the ballet classic that's loved and lauded by naughty Christmas audiences. Ends Dec 31.
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07:49AM on 12/21/2010
Can't seem to find a piece of paper anywhere? Field Notes Brand is offering a buy two, get one free promotion today on any item at their online store. Pick up a few choice notebooks, and enter coupon code "ONEMORE" during checkout. Order before 5pm Chicago time and items will be shipped today as well.
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11:28AM on 12/20/2010
The artist Panayiotis Terzis has created a brilliantly colorful tote bag for one of our favorite Chelsea bookstores, Printed Matter. Makes for an interesting, one-of-a-kind gift!
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09:53AM on 12/20/2010

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