This Father's Day, get dad what he really wants: a few brewskies or "Sweet Poppa" cocktails (with rye whisky, blended scotch, maple syrup, and citrus juice) and free chicken & waffles.

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11:00AM on 06/14/2013

Smoked Pork Hash & Poached Egg ($11, pictured), made with house-cured pork with a flavor-packed Carolina-style rub, served with a cherry tomato salad and scallions. Add a personal French Press brought to your table, and you've died and gone to brunch heaven.

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11:00AM on 05/01/2013

A loyal Paper&String reader shares their favorite discovery in Brooklyn: Diner. "I had the fried-chicken sandwich (buttermilk fried chicken on housemade focaccia with jalapeno mayonnaise, pickled onions and eggs). There’s some greenery on there as well, depending what’s in season, say watercress or frisee. Everything was harmonious. It was nothing, but it was everything. It was simplicity itself, and simplicity is not easy, you know." says Alain Ducasse. 

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11:00AM on 10/17/2012

Hop on the L train this weekend and head to the Lovin' Cup Cafe in Williamsburg for their Drunken Brunch. $15 bones gets you a brunch entree and your choice of bloody mary, mimosa, or house draft. The pancakes or cream cheese-and raspberry-stuffed french toast are our favorites. 

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03:54PM on 09/11/2012

Hyperallergic is an art lovers blog that is just a tiny bit irreverent about art. Hyperallergic has a particularly helpful feature, Art Rx, that will help you navigate all the art world goings-on in New York City. This weekend, for example, Art RX recommends taking the ferry to the Governors Island Art Fair. See you there.

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07:36AM on 08/31/2012
We're kind of suckers for cute pets. We're even bigger suckers for cute pet accouterments. And the selection of collars (vintage glam collar, pictured), bandanas, toys (like disc golf), and cute carrying cases prove that the dog days of pet boutiques in Williamsburg are over.If you're one of those folks who believes real beauty is on the inside, PS9's walls are stacked with healthy pet food, including chow from premium, raw, and organic brands like Before Grain and By Nature.
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09:30AM on 08/15/2012
Visit this new Williamsburg concept store for funky men's and women's clothing. Among the printed dresses, handmade shoes, and unisex jewelry from Poland, Spain, and Indonesia,you'll also find books, music, and artwork. [info]
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12:00PM on 07/13/2012

Cornrbead, Chorizo Caramel, Blueberry Buttermilk--these are just a few of the flavors Chef Sam Mason, former wd-50 pastry chef, has come up with to serve at the brand spanking new Williamsburg ice cream parlor, OddFellows.

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11:00AM on 06/12/2013

If you're looking for a low-budget Halloween getup, head to the Burg's Beacon’s Closet. You'll find dozens of racks packed with both vintage and modern clothing. And, for extra savings, sell your old costume for store credit (or cash) and get some extra accessories to really bring your costume to life.

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03:00PM on 10/22/2012

Want to feel great about your cost of living relative to all those schmos in Manhattan? Ms. Paper is here to help: the going rate for Williamsburg pumpkins at Khim's is $0.69 per pound; Ms. Papers best Manhattan purveyors start at $0.75. Stay tuned for the Christmas tree report!

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11:36AM on 10/01/2012

These 90-minute Bikram yoga classes at this Williamsburg studio are worth it for the surge of energy post-class, not to mention the 100s of calories obliterated (check your towel). Classes at this yoga studio are $20, and $10 for the early bird 7am weekday classes (cash only!). Student discounts are available. [schedule]

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01:00PM on 09/07/2012

Catbird in Williamsburg is always chock full of unusual jewelry and clever gifts for the home. Add this refillable perfume dispenser ($48, available here) to Catbird's list of winning products. It is slim enough to drop into an evening bag, and it has a roll-on dispenser, which keeps your perfume on you rather than your surroundings.

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03:06PM on 08/30/2012
In addition to mouth-watering arepas, come to this Williamsburg staple for happy hour pitchers of guarapita rum punch ($18), sangria ($24), and margaritas ($28). They also serve delicious bar bites like roasted corn nuts ($3), house-marinated olives ($4), and arepa chips ($4). [info] Happy Hour: Daily, 4-7pm
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10:00AM on 08/03/2012
DIY jewelry! At this Billyburg gem, peeps are able to create their own blingity bling. If you need some direction, the friendly staff is happy to help. If you're super serious about learning to hone your bauble-making skills, sign up for any of the weekly classes ($40). Think:knotting pearls, beading, and more. The store also sells their own line of jewelry. [more info]
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06:00AM on 07/05/2012

Every Bloody Mary should be garnished with a fat slab of house-cured bacon.

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11:00AM on 05/11/2013

Sometimes the scariest part of your Halloween costume can be how much it costs. If you’re on a budget, Vice Versa is for you—not only are their prices reasonable, but you can make your costume out of pieces you might actually wear again. Think: cowboy boots, fur coats, military jackets, leather pants, and dresses from the 70’s. 

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01:17PM on 10/19/2012

Finally, a movie worth going out to see. The Master is Paul Thomas Anderson's rendition of the L. Ron Hubbard story, the founder of that super-scary pseudo-religion, Scientology. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams, The Master is already being tipped as genius filmmaking.

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12:00PM on 09/21/2012

1,700 artists will open their studio doors this weekend in Brooklyn, and here's hoping lots of art lovers come flooding in.

No matter how large your art appetite, you cannot see them all, so create your target list by neighborhood, medium or other categories with this helpful tool on the Go Brooklyn Art website. And you can use the organization's app to vote for your favorite artists; winners are featured at an exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum.  Saturday & Sunday, 11a to 7p.

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11:55AM on 09/07/2012

Williamsburg's got the coolest remedy for the heat. Go for a dip in the saltwater pool at this newly re-opened hotel, order cocktails by the pitcher, and stay to watch the sunset from the rooftop. Pool access is free and reservations can be made here. [more info]

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03:50PM on 08/23/2012
Get in shape with dance, boxing, or even trampoline classes at this Williamsburg dance studio! Most fitness classes run from $15-$25, and are suitable for all ages, bodies, and levels. Sign up online or over the phone as schedules and instructors vary.
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12:00PM on 07/31/2012

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