Fourth of July may have passed, but the summer celebrations continue with Bastille Day Festival on July 14th on 60th Street! You can experience the best of French culture by feasting on crepes and eclairs, drinking wine, watching can-can dancers and live accordion music, and getting creative with art projects for kids.

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11:00AM on 07/13/2013

Sushi is an art form, and for Toshio Oguma, who was the executive sushi chef at Morimoto, his restaurant Tanoshi reflects this. The tiny ten-seat restaurant offers a chef’s choice menu of sushi made with the freshest fish on the market, and all for about $50 a meal.

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11:00AM on 05/27/2013

This season is all about all-white or Easter-egg pastels, and Cinzia Rocca's Sample Sale has you covered on both fronts. These Spring coats are just what your wardrobe needs to celebrate the warm weather, and at up to 70% off or buy one get on free!

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11:00AM on 04/12/2013

Walking around Paris, you won’t pass a corner without seeing someone toting a fresh baguette. Delicious for every meal, including breakfast or dessert (chocolate and brie sandwich, anyone?), baguettes are a staple in France, and therefore they know how to do it right. Now, we can finally get a real French Baguette Monge ($2.75) right on the Upper East Side, at Maison Kayser!

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11:00AM on 03/09/2013

Are you getting tired of making the same meals over and over again? Even more so--are you getting tired of eating them? It might be time to check out Kitchen Arts & Letters for some culinary inspiration.

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11:00AM on 03/01/2013

Come Spring, the Rouge Tomate Cart at 64th & 5th Ave in Central Park will reopen, serving up some of the best and highest quality food cart food EVER. Lunch break picnic, anyone?

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11:00AM on 02/24/2013

As Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s time to start looking for that perfect, heartfelt gift. At Make Meaning, you can have fun creating your own personalized present including soaps, ceramics, candles, jewelry, paper crafts and glassware. Sign up for a membership ($36 for individual), and register for classes to learn new skills and make lasting memories.

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11:00AM on 01/26/2013

The Upper East Side is starting to turn heads among the craft beer crowd, in a big part due to the brand new Third Avenue Ale House. This bar/restaurant serves a rotating menu of craft beers from your favorites to ones you’ve never heard of before. And, as an added bonus, the food is more five-star than gut bomb—try the perfectly cooked Lamb Burger served on an English muffin topped with tzatziki with a side of sweet potato fries, all for $8.95.

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11:00AM on 06/29/2013

A 45-minute Ancienne Ultimate Age-Delay Facial is the ultimate gift for mom this Mother’s Day. Not because she needs it, of course, but because after the pampering at this boutique spa, she’ll receive the equivalent amount ($125) to  in store credit, which she can spend immediately afterward and treat herself to what she really wants.

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01:29PM on 05/08/2013

Comic Strip Live is one of the most important spots in the history of comedy, kicking off the careers of such legends as Eddie Murphy, Sarah Silverman, and Louis C.K. The always popular comedy club has shows every night of the week ($15) for a guaranteed gut-busting. You never know, you might just see the next Dane Cook.

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11:00AM on 03/14/2013

Cozy's Cuts for Kids is not only the most fun hair salon around, it also offers a Braid Bar. Kids can flip through a look book of different braided dos, and pick a style to match the newest runway trends ($15 & up).

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03:04PM on 03/07/2013

He's a born-and-raised New Yorker who now works at CityMaps, which is set to release its new App in March that will provide users with a visual map of the city that links each and every storefront to social content on the web. Meet his favorite sandwich at No. 7 Sub: The Godfather Part II. Why is it his favorite? “It has three types of meats in it, but I think the chorizo is what gets me. The addition of the Thai Basil is what makes it fantastic.”

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11:20AM on 02/28/2013

FIT grad and designer Juliette Longuet just opened her first boutique in a two-story Upper East Side townhouse this past fall, and you’ll be glad she did. Made in the Garment District with French and Italian fabrics, her stylish Parisian-chic clothes are on point this season with reversible fur vests and mesh-panel tops--now on sale!

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11:00AM on 02/20/2013

The New York Road Runners Club offers marathon training and coaching, injury prevention training, and yoga for runners, and of course, an inspirational group of fellow runners. Not to worry--if you're not trying to run a marathon anytime soon, NYRR has a place for joggers, too.

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11:00AM on 01/18/2013

The Art Farm in the City hosts all sorts of fun activities for kids that include dancing, singing, arts and crafts, cooking, and real live animals! You can sign up for weekly classes, play groups, weekend programs, and even summer camp. The best deal: the Part-Time Pet program, where your kid can finally get the bunny or lizard he or she has been begging for, without you having to clean up the cage.

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11:00AM on 06/06/2013

Birthdays are meant to make you feel like a world-famous celebrity. With Red Carpet Kids, your child and friends get a full day of stardom, including filming their own green screen movie with special effects, props, make-up, and costumes, and a paparazzi photo shoot down the red carpet for the movie premiere (popcorn included).

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11:00AM on 04/13/2013

At most falafel places, it's the mayonnaise-rich "white sauce" that adds that special touch. But Tarator is different. The restaurant’s name refers to tarator, a tahini-based sauce made with lemon, garlic, parsley, and cumin. Way healthier, and way tastier.

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11:00AM on 03/10/2013

Nothing like showing up to work or a party in rubber rainboots, right? Galo Shoes to the rescue, with these practical classic styles made from microfiber & vinylized cotton that are--yep--weatherproof.  Lots of styles, eco-friendly, and prices start at around $200.

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12:34PM on 03/02/2013

May we suggest happy hour at Phoenix Park for a beer and some perfectly-charred sliders? You know you want to.

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11:00AM on 02/26/2013

The French Institute Alliance Francaise’s Cinéma Tuesdays are your weekly escape into the best of French film today. This month, FIAF features the genius of acclaimed director Leos Carax, and on February 26th at 7pm, Carax presents his film “Holy Motors” starring Eva Mendes. After the screening, the director will participate in a Q&A session moderated by New York Times film critic Richard Brody.

Tickets are $10.

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11:00AM on 02/19/2013

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