I am in and out of retail stores so often that it is starting to seem like only the most unusual decor catches my eye. The stacked-log wall has been a bit of a Thing these last few years, but I like the raw-edged hominess of this wall at neighborhood dog magnet Spot on West 20th Street in Chelsea.

The friendly dog completes the look.

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03:20PM on 10/14/2012
We're kind of suckers for cute pets. We're even bigger suckers for cute pet accouterments. And the selection of collars (vintage glam collar, pictured), bandanas, toys (like disc golf), and cute carrying cases prove that the dog days of pet boutiques in Williamsburg are over.If you're one of those folks who believes real beauty is on the inside, PS9's walls are stacked with healthy pet food, including chow from premium, raw, and organic brands like Before Grain and By Nature.
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09:30AM on 08/15/2012
Malachy the Pekingese won last night's Westminster swiffer duster, I mean, dog show at Madison Square Garden.
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05:00AM on 02/16/2012
This pet shop is like a cereal aisle for animals...wonderous, vast, with oh-so-many options. They also offer affordable grooming services. Bonus: free, same-day delivery on pet food when you spend $30+. Pics here
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11:00AM on 07/06/2011
Want to immortalize your precious pet with a custom-made, six-inch-tall toy version of itself? Starting at $125, this Park Slope-based designer will make it happen in just two weeks' time. Her creations may be tablespoon-sized, but they sure are cute! [More info]
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11:05AM on 03/30/2011
Valerie Shaffs astute and lyrical portraits of petsmany posed with their human ownerscapture the animals very soul, making manifest the deep, abiding connection between man and man's best friend. Prices start at $1500, but through the end of April, mention Paper & String and receive a 10% discount.
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11:20AM on 03/10/2011
The Times says home-cooked dog food is all the rage, but for us New Yorkers too busy to cook their dog a burger, the Barking Zoo's selection of natural, holistic, and raw food is the next best bet.
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11:00AM on 02/04/2011

We love DoggyStyle! No, not that, silly (we keep it PG here). This Soho pet shop has everything for your precious pooch: luxurious cashmere sweaters, fun toys, grooming service, and more.

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12:00PM on 10/07/2012
Your pooches need pampering too, folks, especially when they're this cute (pictured: the cutest pup ever)! This South Street Seaport pet grooming spa, doggy daycare, and boutique offers luxurious (and necessary) organic treatments for cats and dogs. Think: bathing, teeth cleaning, nail clipping, and more. You can even get your doggy's do died (pink is our fave!).
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07:00AM on 08/13/2012
Halloween lovers, get ready for the Haunted Pumpkin Garden! This week-long exhibition features a garden of scary ornate pumpkin carvings designed by artist Michael Natiello, kiddie costume parades, Michael's giant jack-o-lantern carving session, and more.Thru 10/30. [More info/Tickets]
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12:35PM on 10/24/2011
Bocce's is a boutique dog food bakery featuring home-cooked organic treats. But now they've expanded with a food cart (adorably dubbed "Bocce's Biscuit Bike"). See them in Central Park this weekend! [@BoccesBakery]
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12:07PM on 06/07/2011
This Brooklyn-based painter is passionate about your pets. Her stunning portraits ($250 ea.) are 18" x 18" and made with acrylic paint. Immortalizing your furry friend is quite simple: just send a pic to Kira, wait one short month, and voila: your pet is with you forever.
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08:15AM on 03/24/2011
Fabulous hemp striped dog beds ($140-$180) and matching hemp bones ($11.99-$14.99, pictured) from Harry Barker are made of 100% eco-friendly, recycled materials, both inside and out. And for the next two months, mention Paper & String to get you 20% off a bed and $1.00 off any fabric bone.
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09:32AM on 03/10/2011
Come spend the day, Saturday (Apr 30) or Sunday (May 1), celebrating the diverse culture of Japan at the 30th Annual Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival. Events will include musicians, manga artists, tea ceremonies, a Cosplay fashion show, martial arts, and much more. An adult ticket costs $15, students and seniors get discounts, and children under 12 get in for free. [Buy tickets]
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11:30AM on 01/29/2011

Prep your pooches out for Labor Day with with polo ($35) and tennis ($38) dresses from Canine Styles in the West Village (buy now). We know, it's a ruff life for Fido these days. 

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04:00PM on 08/29/2012
Identical twin brothers German (left) and John Restrepo have been walking P&S co-owner Joe Dolce's mutts around Tribeca for 5 years. Not only are they reliable, trustworthy, and reasonable, but they love dogs and know how to communicate with them. They'll make sure they're well-behaved, well-fed, and well-exercised. We recommend them highly. Call (917) 741-7289
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11:30AM on 03/22/2012
When you go out do you go out in style? More importantly, does your dog? If you answer yes, then head to Zoomies to find fashion forward pet apparel like this 'I bone NY' dog coat. Also on offer: toys, treats, and pet-accessories.
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07:32AM on 10/19/2011
Roses are red, violets are blue, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden has new classes for you! Registration starts today for children's garden, summer science adventures, the Brooklyn cultural adventures program, and moreenriching and fun for your little ones! Learn more here.
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09:00AM on 04/04/2011
Print this offer, present it when you go into this full-service pooch emporium, and take 50% off the annual membership price (reg. $200). Alternatively, use it as a $25 credit toward grooming, day care, boarding, or training, when you register for an account. Expires April 11.
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11:58AM on 03/10/2011
Race to this Chelsea pet shop to find darling dog sweaterssome hand-knit, others with cheerful, cartoon-like canine facesfor a whopping 50% off. Brightly colored, warm and fuzzy, the pooch-perfect collection normally ranges from $55 to $125 and is now on sale for $27.50 to $62.50.
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08:18AM on 03/10/2011

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