Forgtmenot is a surf-shack-esque eatery makes you feel like you just vacationed, especially with the random souvenirs and postcards decorating the walls. You’ll feel refreshed and glad to be back home here; try the Watermelon Salad with feta and mint ($9) or the Mixed Grill, a platter of grilled shrimp, haloumi, steak, and chicken served with lemon wedges and a basket of grilled bread ($16).

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11:00AM on 07/03/2013

Eat some local East Coast oysters, sip on a Nice and Stormy made wtih Blackwell Rum, lime, ginger beer, and fresh ginger ($13) or a Spicy Pineapple, Bols Genever, fresh pineapple, spicy syrup ($13), and while the heat away with a free show.

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11:00AM on 06/25/2013

When it comes to sunglasses, go big or go home. These French Frieda Cheetah Sunglasses by Illesteva ($260) are no exception. The 50's Havana-inspired frames are the ultimate movie star accessory, a must-have for every Manhattan fashionista.

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11:00AM on 04/20/2013

Get ready to fall into a trance and figure your whole life out while experiencing an intense non-drug-induced body high at the Memory Tapes show. Sunday, April 14th at 9:30 p.m. ($12).

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11:00AM on 04/10/2013

"Spanking the Lower East Side" is hostess Calamity Chang's self-described "fetish-y and S&M-y" burlesque show extraordinaire. The show teases you with Go Go dancing (tips accepted in bustiers and panty lines), and then finally gives you what you've been waiting for: the sexy/cheeky performances by the Southern belle Cherry Brown and the Asian Sexsation herself, Miss Calamity Chang (pictured).

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11:00AM on 02/15/2013

Looking for a spooky Halloween experience? If ghosts, witches, and skeletons do not cause you the slightest frisson of terror, try a little living horror with Killers: A Nightmare Haunted House, which just opened on the LES. Walk through a series of re-enacted scenes (think: Jack the Ripper, Ted Bundy, and more). For tix ($30) and more deets, click here. Thru 11/3

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10:00AM on 10/16/2012

Why not explore the world of self stimulation at this wonderful sex toy emporium run by women for women. Try their new stock of toys, or some of the old ones, like the Leaf Vitality Vibe (pictured), which according to the Babes, "like a flower bulb emerging from the ground in springtime...promises great pleasures to come." Their words, not ours.

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12:08PM on 09/13/2012

This brand new rooftop beer and wine bar is the perfect summer hangout spot, rain or shine: you can lounge in the sun or play ping pong and board games beneath an all-weather tent strewn with paper lanterns and Christmas lights. Hungry? Order a plate of Barbecue Cornish Hen or Ribs with cornbread, coleslaw, and bean salad ($15).

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11:00AM on 07/01/2013

The Thermals were great as an angsty teenager, and trust me when I say nothing has changed. Go to this show to indulge your inner irreverent, head-banging rebel. Tuesday and Wednesday May 28th & 29th at 8 p.m. ($16)

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11:00AM on 05/20/2013

Pearl & Ash is the perfect blind-date spot: you don't know anything about your date's taste preferences, so why not go somewhere that lets you make it into whatever you want it to be? Wine bar, cocktail bar, tapas bar...etc. etc.

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11:00AM on 04/15/2013

It may be time for a new Wednesday night tradition to liven up your week. Shaken & Stirred is a burlesque dance extravaganza hosted by the famously vivacious Miss Runaround Sue, and with DJ Jess spinning new wave, disco, and rock n' roll. And the shows are free, so your money goes towards more drinks (on top of the free shots that are doled out after select sets).

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11:00AM on 02/20/2013

I had a great meal and a fun time at Boulton&Watt, the new attitude-free East Village gastropub in a post-industrial chic setting. Dinner began with a delicious Mexican Revolver, a stimulating blend of tequila, lime and proseco, and only improved from there. Click through for the menu...

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10:06AM on 02/13/2013

Scarves, sweaters, umbrellas, and dresses-- all in the great-looking, high-quality, made-in-America fabrics you expect.

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11:00AM on 09/19/2012

If you like your art a bit meaty, don't miss All Write You Scumbags at Klughaus on the Lower East Side. The show, which opens this Friday evening, features Victor Reyes, whose paintings are sort of like extended Rohrschach tests, and Steel, who paints cheeseburgers.

We heard that there might be real live cheeseburgers at the opening. Click here for more info.

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12:26PM on 09/11/2012

Alder always offers a seasonal version of aPimm’s cup, the popular British summer cocktail. The Hey Rube is made with Pimm's liquer, gin, and rhubarb, one of summer's most intriguing fruits. The tart fruit is a delightfully bright complement to the gin and citrus-y, spicy Pimm's.

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06:01PM on 06/26/2013

This Veronique Leroy Bomber Jacket ($1,099) is the ultimate statement piece, combining all our favorite trends into one Spring jacket. Sheer? Check. Embroidery? Check. Leopard print? You know it. You can wear it with denim shorts and your new sneaks or over your favorite colorful print dress.

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11:00AM on 04/23/2013

Phosphorescent seems fitting as singer-songwriter Matthew Houck's chosen epithet. His folksy tunes may make you see fireworks. Thursday April 18th at 8 p.m. ($15)

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11:00AM on 04/14/2013

The Slipper Room Show is every Friday night at 10pm ($15) and guarantees oohs and aahs, with performances by Tigger!, the Original Godfather of Boylesk (pictured) and other tantalizing characters like professional hula-hooper Pinkie Special and "Nerdlesque" performar Dangrr Doll.

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11:00AM on 02/17/2013

The Urbana Poetry team has no off-limits topics. This is where you'll hear a poem about being too fat to get a date, and then a poem detailing the first-hand experience of racism in South Africa. Eye-opening? You tell me. At Urbana, the audience members wield the score cards and the power to determine who wins, and sometimes who will go on to compete in nation-wide competitions.

Every Tuesday night at 7:00 pm.

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11:00AM on 01/26/2013

While we were waiting for our pineapple-and-strawberry smoothie at Teany on Rivington Street, we could not help but notice these beautiful cakes ($5.95 a slice). And the friendly proprietress mentioned that Teany often posts specials on its Facebook page -- indeed, we noted lots of freebies.

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10:10AM on 09/19/2012

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