Appellation is one of the most impressive wine stores in the city, with a huge selection organized by region with an emphasis on organic and eco-friendly options. Pop in for a taste of Southern France with a bottle of Zelige-Caravent or Mas Foulaquier if you like red, or the Les Chemins de Bassac if you prefer white.

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11:00AM on 06/06/2013

Dear shopping addicts, I give you two reasons to shop the Surface to Air Sample Sale this week from March 14th-17th: 1) Up to 80% off men's, women's, and kid's clothing and accessories and 2) a change in seasons demands a whole new wardrobe. Every fashionista knows that.

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11:00AM on 03/13/2013

If you’ve seen Kanye West’s “Power” video, you’ll recognize Brambilla’s touch. If you haven't, get ready for a spectacular visual treat. As soon as you put on the 3D glasses, you’ll feel like you fell down the rabbit hole. Assembled from hundreds of film clips, Creation [megaplex] is a swirling spiral that somehow encompasses the creation of the universe, the big bang, the id of every Hollywood animator, plus cameos from Julie Andrews, Tom Cruise and Jim Carrey. Impossible to explain but compelling to watch. And don’t worry: If the words “video installation” scare you, rest assured there’s nothing pretentious about Creation. It’s beautiful fun that leaves you scratching your head, asking, “How’d he do that?”

Through Feb 23

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10:00AM on 02/20/2013

Valentine's Day wouldn't be complete without a box of chocolates--even if they're not chocolate. Your love will swoon over these Valentine's Day Petits Fours from Three Tarts, each one a delectable mini-almond cake with apricot jam and adorable icing decorations ($22.50).

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01:00PM on 02/11/2013

Glasgow-based artist David Shrigley is known for the way he incorporates text into his art, and this exhibition, entitled Signs, exemplifies his wit through both illustration and sculpture. Example: a taxidermied dog holding a sign that reads "I'm Dead."

Through February 16th

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11:00AM on 02/06/2013

The most succulent, flavorful, perfect skin chicken is available EVERY DAY from this butcher in Chelsea Market. The secret? Dickson's brines its birds overnight in a mixture of tamari and spices then air dry it so the skin retains its flavor and crispy texture. Half or whole birds upon request.

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11:31AM on 01/29/2013

Chocolate lovers rejoice...Taste Buds Kitchen is offering a free cooking class next week, and they're making Brownie Bites! Sign up now and check out the schedule of classes for kids as well as adults.

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03:00PM on 01/11/2013

This Sunday, June 2nd, transport yourself from the hustle and bustle of Chelsea to the beautiful rivieras of Southern France. This exclusive al fresco meal at the idyllic Hotel Americano is the perfect opening celebrationg of the Sud de France Festival, a celebration of the tastes, sights, sounds, and culture of the region. This exclusive three-course meal by acclaimed Chef Joseph Buenoconsejo will include traditional dishes such as Langoustine & Ris de Veau paired with local wines hand-selected by sommelier Theirry Chouquet.

Buy Tickets here.

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05:38PM on 05/29/2013

Why not stare at paintings of iPhones? In his new exhibition Paris France, Paris Texas, Paris Hilton, painter Derek Boshier explores Pop Art in the digital age. Check out the opening this Thursday, February 28th from 6-8pm.

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08:47PM on 02/26/2013

This is the blockbuster retrospective in the biggest blue chip gallery on the block. Jean-Michel Basquiat was 28 when he died but he produced a massive body of work. Did it live up to the hype over the last 30 years? The answer is a resounding YES, as this show demonstrates. The colors, the primitive use of graffiti, the images that reference Charlie Parker, Cassius Clay, Sugar Ray Robinson, all look just as fresh as they did when they first started making waves, and seeing this many pieces in one show is a real treat. The work is acerbic, witty, angry and ultimately beautiful. Warning: Thursday nights are packed. Last week the line snaked half way up the block.

Through April 6

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04:23PM on 02/18/2013

The Romantic Ballet arrangement pairs pink roses with quince branches in a glass vase of river rocks, creating a breathtaking display that adds movement to a room.

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11:00AM on 02/09/2013

Aperture Gallery presents Photography, an exhibition featuring six of the most in-your-face contemporary photographers: Nan Goldin, Ryan McGinley (pictured), Terry Richardson, Stephen Shore, William Eggleston, and Martin Parr. Each photographer used the same camera, a Fujifilm X-series, but created images representative of their unique artistic sass.

Through February 9th

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03:30PM on 02/04/2013

This weekend, Visual AIDS is celebrating its 25th anniversary with the Postcards from the Edge benefit sale. Over 1300 postcard-sized works of art by renowned and up-and-coming artists will be on display for you to buy for just $85. The catch: you don't get to find out the artist's name until after you pay up.

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10:55AM on 01/24/2013

What are they thinking? In Chelsea Market? Turns out the good folks at Chelsea Market Baskets had equal opportunity insult cards: the one pictured and "Republicans Have Bad Hair." And of course, givent the locale, the Republican cards sold out. These are the leftovers, and they are selling for $1 or for free with a purchase of Obama mints. Only in New York, kids....

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11:15AM on 11/09/2012

The Sferra Sample Sale at Chelsea Market starting today has all of your cuddling essentials--down comforters, bathrobes, throw blankets, you name it, and all for up to 70% off.

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11:00AM on 03/27/2013

In a decaying 200-year-old upstate farmhouse this Icelandic artist assembled a group of 9 musicians to collaborate on an emotional and moving piece of music based on ABBA’s last album, The Visitors. Each musician is shot in one room and shown on a different screens in the gallery, but the piece is held together by the soundtrack. It’s a highly-styled video performance piece that runs the emotional gamut from melancholy to joy. I stayed for the full 53 minutes and left with a feeling of pure pleasure, an exhilarating sensation that most theater, art or performance rarely achieves.

Through March 16

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11:36AM on 02/23/2013

Amy Cutler's series of gouache portraits entitled Brood is the gallery version of people watching, a subway trip during which you can spend as much time as you want examining the faces surrounding you. Cutler presents the viewer with nineteen characters, each holding her own story (and her own dark secrets).

Through March 9th.

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11:40AM on 02/16/2013

Hotel Americano celebrates their new rooftop Winter Lounge with a Valentine's Day candle-lit dinner. The view of the city lights and sheepskin-clad seats is the NYC-chic equivalent of a romantic cabin in the sky. The ambiance is only augmented by the highly-lauded food. The prix-fixe menu ($65) features dishes such as Rabbit Ballotine with baby fennel, cara cara orange and, of course, chocolate for dessert, with chocolate terrine, Mexican hot chocolate, and chocolate truffles. Keep the romance flowing with cocktails at an after party in The Americano main dining room. Hurry and make your reservations--there are only a few seats left!

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10:20AM on 02/09/2013

Every Friday afternoon, Tekserve transforms from Apple repair store into performance space as artists like the internationally-acclaimed Shantell Martin (above) show off their digital masterpieces. Sounds like way more fun for you and your ailing Macbook than a date at the Genius Bar.

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11:00AM on 02/02/2013

Typically a term for art by self-trained artists, outsider art has gained in credibility (and, in some cases, price) over the last decade..

The Fair, which was recently acquired by a company founded by dealer Andrew Edlin, moves from its former home in the Puck Building in Soho to Chelsea, in the old Dia space. The Fair begins Thursday, January 31, and tickets to the opening are $50. Daily admission is $20, and tickets are available here.

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12:23PM on 01/21/2013

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