INDEPENDENCE IS POWER. We love independent and small retailers and service providers. We admire the eye of a great fashion retailer, the taste buds of an artisanal baker, the literary leanings of our trusted bookstore owners. They are the spirits of all thriving communities.

SMALL IS HUGE. By banding together small retailers have big presence.

COMMUNITY IS GLUE. We believe that intelligent customers want to be in the company of talented retailers and service providers. The person who knows why the selection at Chambers Street Wines is special should know about 192 Books and vice versa.

THE STREET IS SMART. Vibrant streets are key to neighborhood survival and we are dedicated to using the web to keep the street alive. Cities, villages or towns can’t thrive without the street.

TRUST IS KEY. We believe that the information explosion is forcing educated customers to choose retailers that they trust. We only support reliable businesses that meet our high standards of excellence.

MASS IS CRASS. If you can find it everywhere, it’s nowhere.

INSPIRATION MATTERS. Big Box stores, while they have a purpose, do not inspire. Sorry, Target. We only support inspiration.


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